Awarded the “Delta Moment” Photo Contest in the first quarter of 2017

Photo Contest “DELTA Moment” has ended the 1st quarter photo poll and entered the poll stage of the next quarter.

Poster launching contest is posted and broadcast across Delta sites. Over time, the picture quality is more and more diverse, ranging in content from the logo of the Delta logo to the building activities of the workers on the building, and the colorful life of engineer brothers on the field …. Any picture contest also shows a true Delta, lively, hard work creating new works across the country.

The “Delta Moments” contest attracted not only staff members, but also contestants of mechanical workers, electricians … even trainees at construction sites. Delta’s construction. Hopefully, in the coming time, more photos will be sent to the public, people will vote for the monthly prize, the quarterly prize and especially the picture of the year worth 30,000,000 VND.

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