Visiting two typical sites of Delta with good quality in Hanoi.

As part of the skill improvement program, quality management, on 05.4.2017, the Construction Management Department will organize QA / QC and staff safety – images, zones. Organize the construction site at the site: Goldmark City, Zone C (136 Ho Tung Mau) and the French Hospital Vietnam (01 Phuong Mai, Hanoi) .

Officers visit site C Zone Goldmark City

These are the two typical fields, ensuring the full criteria of progress, quality, hygiene – safety – image as required by the Company and the Owner, proposed to be rewarded in March / 2017.

Mr. Nguyen The Binh – subterranean commander of Section C of Goldmark City Project and Mr. Do Minh – Commander of French Hospital Rehabilitation Project directly bringing cadres to visit the project and share the organizational experience. Management and construction measures to well meet the requirements set by the company on sanitation – safety – labor but still ensure the completion schedule, handed over to the investor.

Visiting field surveys in projects that help the control staff, quality control departments of the company assess, grasp the work under the site more objective and deep. At the same time, exchange learning experiences for staff working in other fields.

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